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    What We Stand For

    The Tactical Brotherhood is a movement to support America.

    We believe that there's a gap in focus when it comes to companies that support America. We want to be on the front lines of supporting Americans, and are determined to find something worth being proud about in every aspect of our military, starting with the men and women who serve and protect us.

    Our mission is simple: To unite like-minded individuals by celebrating what makes each one of us uniquely American.

    You don't need to be a Veteran to join us, you just need to love America!

    And maybe healthy amounts of bacon and whiskey... because when all else fails, those two things will keep us from both hunger and will keep that fire lit in our bellies! 

    A portion of your purchase supports veteran organizations to bring our warfighters back together to share a couple of stories over some MUCH DESERVED glasses of whiskey and maybe a cigar or two.

    If you've got a Made In America product, shoot us a note at